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Sunday, November 16, 2008

To Shop Wize! Be Health Wize with Cyber Wize


Some of you may ask yourselves WHAT IS THAT? It sounds like a foreign or native language. Well, its not.

"Ancient healers discovered long ago that the plants most beneficial to strengthen and balance the human body often grow in the harshest environments. Challenged by sudden climate change and a scarcity of nourishment, some plants simply adapt to their extreme surroundings by becoming stronger. One company has captured the benefits of these unique plants in fast-acting sprays. The plants are known as adaptogens. The company is CyberWize."

My mom and I recently joined the Cyberwize group for fun. Just to look around and see what products this company has to offer. My mom and I were amazed with the wide selection of products you can purchase directly from a distributor or order online.

My favorite is their mist adaptogens. Different mists for different problems.

  • Slim Help reduce hunger.
  • PM Support for sleep.
  • Mocha A "blast" of energy anytime.
  • Relieve Ease occasional aches and pains.
  • Pure Daily stress management.
  • Zest B-12 and 14 adaptogens for pure energy.
  • Cardio Support for a healthy heart.
  • Immune Antioxidant immune system support.
  • Ignite Enhance sexual performance.
  • Juice X Noni, Gogi, Acai, Mangosteen, and ten adaptogens.

  • My mom's favorite is the Tunguska Blast. She drinks it every day. She loves this daily dose of energy. Especially with her condition, it is very difficult for her to keep up with her daily activities. Now she is a regular user of the TUNGUSKA BLAST and I've never seen her so energetic! Even her memory improved.

    She's been recommending this product to our family and friends. I have been hearing the same comment, that they are more energetic and that they feel great. Their body pains has slowly disappeared, with this they can perform and accomplish more tasks.

    Click the images to see more of their products and see actual food supplements similar to the ones you find in Vitamin World or GNC.

    This coming Christmas, buy your family and friends something that would help them live better and healthier. Take advantage of our online purchase discount!